Dad’s are mysterious beings. They have weird jokes that they think are punny (see what I did there?), their natural source of sustenance seems to be beer, and they always, always find something to fix around the house or car.

With Father’s Day approaching, here are some ideas we think would make great gifts for that special man in your life.

The Organised dad

Card Wallets

Cash is no longer king and long live contactless payments. 

However, dads are slow to adapt creatures. He may have not yet discovered Apple or Android pay and still wondering why people are waving their phones at the McDonalds drive-thru. 

Give dad time to adjust, a card wallet is perfect for this transition towards a contactless future.

Charlie Wallet by Herschel Supply Co.

Key Organisers

We all know that sound. The jingling of keys just outside the door while dad fumbles through his key collection to find the right one and finally opens the door. Why do dads have so many keys?

A key organiser doesn’t eliminate dad’s need to keep a key for every single drawer in the house, but at least it keeps them nice and tidy.

Key Cover by Bellroy

Key Organiser by Orbitkey

The Working (too much) dad

Does your dad spend a lot of time at the office and you wish he’d spend more time with the family? Get him a LAPOD Lapdesk from objct. Now he can sit on the couch in front of the TV with the family and… work.

The Drinking Dad

Coffee Cups

Dad’s fuel in the morning is his hot cup of java. Get him a cup, this way he’ll think of you while he’s having his coffee, especially when it comes to your turn to be getting gifts.

Mugs by Mugtopia

Water Bottles

When was the last time you saw your dad drink a glass of water, let alone the recommended eight? Keep dad hydrated with a water bottle he can keep handy within reach.

Hydroflask has a wide range of insulated bottles for you to choose from.